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What A Semester!?

English, as my major, is important to me in a more creative, less academic sense. Creative writing is important to me both “professionally” and personally. Academic research and the writing that goes along with that are not necessarily “for me.” I realize it is an important area and that there are English majors who enjoy […]

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Wednesday for Wednesday

The mix of cultures continues to fascinate me. On “Wednesday” in Chinatown we can see more into the culture of these particular immigrants. There is much sexism. There is the tangui, “woman’s root” and the discussion between Bobby and Snakehead about a mysterious girl and her picture (97). Bobby is skeptical about the story and […]

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Time is Money, and Money is Time

I had never truly understood the meaning of “time is money” until this reading. Maybe, though, it is just another interpretation or aspect of “time is money.” Maybe it’s more, money is time. The more money you have, the more access you have to things that “save” time. I appreciated the illustration of the differences […]

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