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Theory and Research: Blog 8

When first brainstorming for this project (all the way up to the rough draft, really), I couldn’t figure out what on Earth my research would center around. I knew that I would focus on pastoralism and Patrick Taylor’s An Irish Country Doctor. But, beyond that, I had no idea. At first, I wanted to focus on the reality of this […]

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Ballybucklebo: Blog 7!

Ballybucklebo: Pastoralism and Irish Turmoil in Patrick Taylor’s Novel, An Irish Country Doctor Erin Davis The fictional town of Ballybucklebo is, as imagined by author Patrick Taylor in his novel An Irish Country Doctor, nestled in the rolling hills of Ireland’s County Down and embodies 20th century pastoralism at its finest. I have always been […]

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Prof. Talks and Their Research Structure

I really enjoyed both professor’s talks today, especially Myra Seaman’s and how she clearly explained the different facets of her argument. However, before they came, Professor Vander Zee and I were discussing how I didn’t exactly understand what either of them were talking about. Though I understood Bruns’ article more so than Seaman’s, I was […]

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Final Proposal

Erin Davis Professor Vander Zee Intro. To English Studies March 28, 2016 Ballybucklebo: Pastoralism throughout Irish Political Upheaval in Relation to Patrick Taylor’s Novel, An Irish Country Doctor The fictional town of Ballybucklebo is, as imagined by author Patrick Taylor in his novel An Irish Country Doctor, nestled in the rolling hills of Ireland’s County […]

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BP, P&G and Buzzworm

Only a chapter into the reading for Monday, I knew exactly the subject on which I wanted to write my blog post. In “The Eternal Buzz”, Buzzworm is witness to mass upheaval associated with the oranges. At one point, people believe they are laced with alcohol, at others it is believed that they contain a […]

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The Idea of Natural Escape

I couldn’t help but be struck, immediately, on page 13 when the idea of the invisible line is presented. Sol is depicted as “tracing the path of a very thin but distinct shadow stretched in a perfectly straight line across the dirt and sand”. This idea struck me as odd at first. I was confused […]

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Censorship and “Political Correctness”

Immediately, when reading the chapter “Differences”, I knew what I would write for this week’s blog post. I agree wholly with the idea that our attributes don’t define us, such as on page 174 when the authors write “having brown skin does not inherently mean anything”. But, of course, in history (and today), we see that having […]

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What is an “American”?

When reading the chapter on Culture in the “Theory Toolbox”, I was struck, initially, by the short-short story by Franz Kafka. Really, before reading this less-than-a-page story, I hadn’t really considered society and what my role is within American “culture”. Kafka writes that “the five of us did not know each other, either; and it […]

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A Sudden Doubting of My Own Uniqueness

Chapter 4, “Subjectivity”, really affected me in a way I wasn’t necessarily expecting. I had just been reading about what divides the idea of a “writer” and an “author”, with respect to the construct of the literary canon. Really, this sudden self-deprecating chapter on uniqueness came as an utter surprise. I hadn’t previously considered these […]

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