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Blog 8: Reflection

This semester has been quite interesting. I was introduced to writing my own critique on novels and movies. I normally would just see other articles and papers in my every day life without really thinking about all of the details and critical thinking that goes into the finished product. I think this will help me […]

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Analyzing Horror throughout the ages

Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” and Stephen King’s movie “The Shining” illuminates the Horror genre by using Deranged character plots and complex character structures. Edgar Allan Poe was the first in achieving this configuration that later writers such as Stephen King were able to continue in their literary works. We specifically see this connection […]

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Prof talks part 2

Though I wasn’t feeling well at the time of the event I was able to jot down some notes on what I found interesting. Professor Warnick and Professor Rosko went into detail of their positions in the literary field of study as well as their contributions in the works that they have written or reviewed themselves. […]

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Bonus Prompt: Sue Lee thesis

The Sue Lee thesis seems to shed light on various parts of the story and how terms such as globalism  play a role in society. The article begins with denouncing the notion of globalism as a possible working social construct and breaks down scenes in which the author of Tropic of Orange paints a picture […]

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Summer Solstice

The first chapter was very intriguing to me because it reminded me of previous ideals mentioned in the Toolbox book. One of the ideas being culture. I noticed a great deal of the novel may be honed in on how each person reacts and lives on a daily bases seemingly simultaneously. The first chapter also […]

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Poetry Out loud 2k16

This event was hosted by the English department and coordinated by Kathy Holmes for high school students to showcase their talents at reciting poems by assorted number of authors in the Stern ballroom this past Sunday. I volunteered at the welcoming and judge’s table. It was quite interesting to see people of that age being […]

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Culture within culture

I believe the idea of culture is more complex than most people think. On page 52 Toolbox states, “How does one identify a specific culture? what are its boundaries? Can it be usefully conceived of in such terms–or does each culture contain within it several semiautonomous cultures?” My answer is yes there are several mini […]

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I believe authority in the sense of knowing what the meaning of a text is should be passed throw two rules of thumb 1. Is the work of the author understood by the public and 2. Are both the majority of public and the author in agreement on the meaning.   I’ve come to this […]

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