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iPad Pilot Program – Deadline Today

The Addlestone Library, in partnership with Academic Affairs and the Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) department, is launching an iPad program to provide members of our campus community access to a technologically rich environment that encourages technology literacy, information literacy and collaborative learning. Project Overview The Library has purchased 35 iPad Airs, cases, charging cart,…Continue Reading iPad Pilot Program – Deadline Today

Faculty Roundtable Discussion

Please attend the Faculty Roundtable Discussion located in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance’s Alumni Center (88 Wentworth) on Tuesday, December 3, at 12:00 PM, for short presentations on technology tools for assessment, research and student learning.  Faculty presenters, Andrea DeMaria, Merissa Ferrara, Michael Hemphill, Mark Hurd, and Jessica Smith, will share their…Continue Reading Faculty Roundtable Discussion

Classroom Technology Project Update

Classroom Upgrade Progress: ECTR 108 is currently being upgraded with a targeted completion date of Friday, November 1. In addition to being upgraded to the Silver Standard Design, this classroom laboratory also received all new student desks, chairs, and computers. It’s lookin’ good! Pictures to follow! Kickoff for Fiscal Year 2015: IT has already started…Continue Reading Classroom Technology Project Update

Classroom Technology Preview

The IT Audio Visual (AV) Engineering department completed a major technology upgrade in Education Center (ECTR) 203 in December, 2012. Representatives from AV Engineering, Teaching, Learning and Technology, and Physical Plant met with the Department Chairs involved to discuss the pedagogical needs for the classroom. As you’ll see in the video tour, iMac computers were…Continue Reading Classroom Technology Preview