REMINDER: Upgrade to Windows 10 Before June Deadline

[Faculty and Staff] As the semester comes to an end, but before you leave campus for summer break or travel, please make sure to upgrade your College-owned desktop and laptop computers (only Windows-based; not Mac) to Windows 10. This needs to be completed prior to June 2019. Any computers that have not been upgraded prior to June 2019, will have the upgrade pushed to them.

Reasons to Upgrade:

  • Microsoft is phasing out support for Windows 7, which means technical assistance and software updates that help protect your PC will no longer be available for that product.
  • With Windows 10 you have access to Microsoft’s latest suite of Office 365 applications including OneDrive, cloud-based storage, that allows you to view, edit, save, and share your files from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an Internet connection.
  • Windows 10 offers several new features, see our YouTube channel for an overview.

Tips for Installing Windows 10:

  • If you recently received a new computer or have had one reimaged, it should already have Windows 10 installed (here’s how to check).
  • Easily install Windows 10 yourself from your computer’s software center.
  • Begin the Windows 10 installation before leaving work, as the process is estimated to take 45 minutes or longer.
  • Be sure to save all work in progress before starting the installation, because your computer will automatically restart when the process is complete.
  • The upgrade should not delete saved files or data. However, it is recommended that you regularly back up files, especially before making significant changes to your computer, such as updating the operating system.

Contact the IT Helpdesk with questions or concerns by email, chat, or phone 843.953.3375.