Multi-factor Authentication: Coming Soon to Faculty and Staff

Over the next several months, the Division of Information Technology plans to launch multi-factor authentication (MFA) to faculty and staff, beginning with high-sensitivity offices such as Human Resources, the Registrar, and Finance.

You may already be familiar with MFA and use it to secure your bank, social media, and other personal accounts. If not, here are a few things you need to know about MFA:

  • MFA adds a vital layer of security needed to protect your information and enhances the security of systems at the College from ever increasing instances of phishing attempts and password hacks. With MFA, even if a cybercriminal successfully steals your password, they won’t be able to log in to your account without your additional verification method.
  • MFA is a two-step process, that requires users to enter their password (step 1) and then verify their identity using an additional method (step 2), when performing account sign-in transactions from off campus.
  • Once MFA is enabled for your account, you must first set up at least two additional verification methods. Your options include the authenticator app, phone (text or call), or a personal non-CofC email address.

YOU CAN OPT-IN NOW! If you would like MFA enabled for your account now, instead of waiting until your area is reached later this semester, submit a request to Information Technology at

Watch our introductory video, review instructions, and learn more about MFA at Contact the Helpdesk with questions or concerns by email, chat, or phone 843.953.3375.