New Campus Antivirus Solution: Installation Reminders

[Faculty and Staff]

As of this morning, only 450 office computers have been successfully migrated from Kaspersky to our new enterprise solution for antivirus protection, SentinelOne. Our Operating Systems Team will continue to push SentinelOne to remaining computers over the next few nights, but will only do so to computers that are connected to the network and logged off.

To ensure that the installations can be made to your office computer, please save all work, log off, and leave it powered on, when leaving campus for the evening. In addition, if your office computer is a laptop, please make sure to leave it physically connected to the network with an Ethernet cable.

If our Operating Systems Team has not been able to migrate your computer by this Friday September 28 at 10 p.m., they will use a different method to push SentinelOne, causing your computer to reboot. Again, in this instance, please make sure to save all work before leaving campus on Friday.

If you have questions or concerns, you can reach the Helpdesk by phone at 843-953-3375 or through the portal at