Adobe Enterprise Level Agreement

We are excited to announce that the College of Charleston now has an Enterprise Level Agreement with Adobe. As a result, faculty and staff can now install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro X on your College-owned computer at no cost with the assistance of IT Helpdesk. In addition, you will now be able to purchase an annual subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (includes over 30 photo, video, audio and web programs) for $165 per year for each copy. For a list of Adobe Acrobat Pro X features and how it compares to the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit

Two years ago, Adobe changed their business model from a one time purchase and install to selling software on a subscription basis via its Creative Cloud. As a result, prices increased and the South Carolina’s state contract with Adobe was not renewed. This year, IT negotiated an Enterprise Licensing Agreement with Adobe resulting in up to 30% to 70% savings for departmental purchases as compared to academic and individual pricing respectively.

Adobe Infographic
Steps to Install Adobe Acrobat Pro X

  1. Contact the IT Helpdesk by phone at (843) 953-3375 or by email at and indicate that you would like to have Adobe Acrobat Pro X installed on your computer. You will need the information below for the Helpdesk Technician to install the software. A Helpdesk Technician can help you gather this information if you’re not sure where to find it.
    1. Type of Computer
    2. Computer Name
  2. The Helpdesk technician will install the software on your computer remotely.

Adobe Infographic

Steps to Purchase Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Contact IT Financial by phone at (843) 953-3989 or by email at and indicate that you would like to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud.
  2. IT Financial will walk you through the steps to submit an IDT in the amount of $165.00 per year per copy. Please know that this will be automatically renewed at the end of the fiscal year. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you’ll need to inform IT Financial.
  3. Once the IDT has been received, IT Financial will arrange for a technician to contact you for installation. Please note that classroom installations will have first priority.