OAKS Version 10 Now Available

Version 10

OAKS was successfully upgraded to Version 10 on December 17th. Version 10 has new interface changes for a more intuitive experience for faculty and staff. The new user interface includes:

  • A new top bar that provides easy access to courses, alerts and personal settings
  • Redesigned homepage tool with different branding and layout options; and a smaller top banner
  • Redesigned course navigation bar that allows links to be grouped in menu for a more streamlined experience
  • Most tool features are now accessible with less clicks

Along with the upgrade, Teaching, Learning and Technology, has launched a new OAKS support blog for students and faculty. You can now access tutorials, FAQs, Getting Started Info, System Status alerts, and known issues. You can access the blog at: http://blogs.charleston.edu/oaks.

Known Issues

There are still a few known issues that our OAKS administrator is fixing. Tickets have been created with Desire2Learn so that these issues can be corrected:

  • Cross-listing Courses
  • Modify widgets on the Org Home Page  (such as reversing the My Courses terms in the My Courses Widget)
  • Dropbox Grading App – New V10 functionality
  • Google Integration (for students) – New V10 functionality

If you have an existing course that has the ‘old’ top banner, you’ll need to change the course navigation bar manually. This is because you modified the course navigation bar and you do not have the CofC Branded Course Default V10 set as the default. To do this, go to the Course > Management > Edit Course > Navigation and Themes > Change your Course Default to CofC Branded Course Default V10.