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Sanford headed for runoff in South Carolina Republican primary: TV- Reuters

Sanford’s margin with well over a third of the vote was “very impressive,” but voters haven’t necessarily forgiven him, said Gibbs Knotts, a political scientist at the College of Charleston. “It’s certainly an important first step in his forgiveness tour.”  

Mark Sanford inches toward redemption, but tea party dark horse looms – Christian Science Monitor

“Sanford’s got the money, and he’s got the grasp on the issues, and also he’s much closer to the 50-plus-1 percent than Bostic, making him the heavy, heavy favorite,” says Knotts Gibbs, the political scientist at the College of Charleston. “The questions for Sanford are on the moral and ethical issues, where Bostic has support […]

Climate crisis?- Charleston Post and Courier

“Climate warming is a volatile issue for South Carolina, but it’s not volatile in the real world,” said College of Charleston marine biologist Phil Dustan, who tracks it and has been vocal about a demonstrated, alarming warming trend. “People who think it’s not human-caused probably would also think the Wright Brothers would never fly.”

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