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For South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, House bid is a race for redemption- Washington Times

In the highly religious state of South Carolina, a public show of contrition can be a “double-edged” sword, said Gibbs Knotts, chairman of the political science department at South Carolina’s College of Charleston. “You’ve got a high number of fundamentalist Christians in the district, and they’re going to be particularly bothered with some of Sanford’s […]

Man of science, faith Local professor embraces religious, natural worlds- Charleston Post and Courier

Rob Dillon doesn’t fit neatly into the archetypal confines of the glass jars and test tubes that clutter his old-timey science lab at the College of Charleston. Premier snail researcher. First Amendment buff. Devout Christian. Scoutmaster. Former constituent school board member. Choir guy. Genetics professor. NASCAR fan.Tall and lanky, with a splash of mad scientist, […]

Gregg Holshouser’s Outdoors Column | Algae plagues anglers- Myrtle Beach Sun News

Dr. Erik Sotka, Associate Professor of Biology at the College of Charleston and noted algae expert, weighed in on the subject. “Polysiphonia and ulva will bloom after the fishes and crabs stop feeding, usually by January,” Sotka said. “They will start to disappear by spring, when the waters get warm enough for feeding to increase.” […]

Southern governors implore Interior nominee Sally Jewell to drill off their coasts- McClatchy News Servicehy

Mitchell Colgan, the chairman of the geology department at the College of Charleston, said such talk was just politics. He said there wasn’t much oil off the coast of South Carolina. And the nation already has a glut of cheap natural gas and doesn’t need more from the Atlantic, he said. The economics don’t work, […]

Colbert Busch: Brother won’t overshadow SC race- AP

Brian McGee, a professor of communications at the College of Charleston, said Colbert Busch is well-respected in Charleston, but her famous brother might pose some challenges to her campaign. “One is the risk of sort of having to live in the shadow of her much better known brother,” he said. “Another is the possibility that […]

Students learn math, science at College of Charleston basketball game- Charleston Post and Courier

Instead of shooting three-pointers or foul shots today, thousands of local students who visited the College of Charleston’s TD Arena learned about liquid nitrogen, air pressure and animal bones. Then they cheered on the Lady Cougars as they defeated University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 63-43, in a midday game.  

On Feb. 12, should Darwin get his day?- Washington Post

For example, my academic institution, the College of Charleston, holds an annual “Darwin Week.” Dr. Rob Dillon, who is both an evolutionary biologist and a committed Christian, organizes the yearly event. In 2011, he arranged a debate between Dr. Karl Giberson (physics professor and vice president of the BioLogos forum founded by Dr. Francis Collins […]

College of Charleston offering global business training course in March – Charleston Business Journal

The College of Charleston’s School of Business is offering a two-day training course next month to help certify individuals in supply chain management and global business. The Certified Global Business Professional training course will be held March 15-16 in the Beatty Center on the College of Charleston campus. The course serves as a guide for […]

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