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Governor Haley’s future working class reacts to State of the State speech- WCBD

Governor Haley’s future working class looked for the good and the bad in her first State of the State address. The students in Kendra Stewart’s graduate level political science class discussed what they heard, what they didn’t hear and what South Carolina needs to hear more of.–ar-1366285/

State of the Union stirs current of hope, doubt- AP

College student Josh Schmidt dismissed all the talk of newfound civility. He gathered with about a dozen other students in a meeting room at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C., to eat pizza and take in the president’s speech. The 19-year-old said this so-called new spirit of compromise, if it really exists, wouldn’t last […]

Digging into Leslie Wayne’s multi-layered works – Charleston City Paper

Mark Sloan, exhibition curator and director/senior curator of the Halsey, is “attracted to the conceptual idea” of the multilayered pieces. “They’re visually stunning to see in person,” he says. “They’re colorful, but it’s also really powerful to stand near them. Some of them look like candy or ooze from the center of the earth.”

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