Using the Honors Center

Honors students have 24-hour access to the study space and a seminar room on the second floor of the Honors Center at 10 Green Way. You can now use your cougar card to swipe into the Honors Center at 10 Green Way for after-hours access. The details:

  • The building will be unlocked during normal business hours, just as it’s always been.
  • After hours, Honors students can use their cougar card to swipe into the locked building.
  • Once you’re inside, the front door should remain locked to ensure a secure space for students to study.
  • If you are the last to leave the Honors Center after hours, please turn off all interior lights and lock the front door behind you.
  • Study space is available on the second floor.
    • Room 201 offers a computer station, porch access, a lending library, and more. Room 200 has additional study space as well.
    • The only time the space is unavailable is during the day when there’s a class meeting in Room 200 (the room schedule will be posted in the front hall doorway).
  • And remember, after-hours access to the building is a privilege. This means…
    • It’s a space for quiet study (please respect others!).
    • It’s a shared space for all Honors students to enjoy.
    • Please keep the space tidy and clean up after yourself.
    • Questions or concerns about the space? Let us know: