First Year Experience

General Advising

For detailed instructions on the Honors College Advising Form and the Honors advising process, download these instructions or check out the Honors Mentoring & Advising page.

*Forms for the Bachelor’s Essay or Individual Enrollment-type courses are available through your academic advisor.


Honors Immersed

You can learn all about the Honors Immersed process by reading the Honors Immersed workflow.

Ready to initiate your Honors Immersed project? There are two steps you need to complete:

1) Complete the Honors Immersed survey that will ask you for details about the project you are proposing.
2) Both you and your project mentor must sign the Faculty/Supervisor Permission Form and submit the signed form to

Once both the workflow and form have been submitted, please allow 2 to 3 days for processing.

Bachelor’s Essay

For details on how to set up your Honors College Bachelor’s Essay project, clink the appropriate link below.

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