Listen to the Civility Initiative’s podcast, When We Disagree!

The Civility Initiative’s podcast, When We Disagree, is officially out!

The Podcast: Have you ever been in an argument that stuck with you? The Civility Initiative is proud to present When We Disagree, a new weekly podcast about the disputes, fights, spats, and debates that changed our lives, one story at a time. The disagreement could have been personal, professional, political, or philosophical; it could have been with a total stranger or a best friend. All that matters for the show is that the disagreement mattered to you. When We Disagree is hosted by Michael Lee, professor of Communication and director of the Civility Initiative at the College of Charleston.

To Listen: Listen to the show on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts!

To Submit Stories: Tell your argument story on Instagram @whenwedisagree or via email at  New episodes will premiere every Wednesday.

They’re actively looking for guests, especially scholars and students studying arguments of all kinds, so submit your stories!