Student Opportunity Center

The Student Opportunity Center is a resource that connects you to over 10,000 opportunities for research, internships, conferences, and more from all over the world. It is free, easy to use, and flexible to your interests. We encourage all CofC Honors students to check it out and discover opportunities to make yourself stand out from the crowd! This short video provides more information on how to navigate the new system.

If you’ve lost the SOC account activation email, never received it, or it ended in your spam folder, click here to get a new one.

If you have applied and received a grant, internship, job, or other opportunity through the Student Opportunity Center (SOC), please email Sarah Kell at so we may congratulate you!

Questions about the Student Opportunity Center or need help accessing your account? Please email CofC Honors Associate Dean Beth Meyer-Bernstein at


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