Honors Faculty Fellows

A highly personalized mentoring model and an innovative curriculum are hallmarks of the Honors College experience. The Faculty Fellows Program was established to provide each CofC Honors student with a four-year faculty advisor and to develop new Honors course options from a variety of disciplines. The Faculty Fellows Program is a key component of the revised Honors College curriculum, which allows for a greater variety of academic departments and faculty members to propose Honors courses.

Starting with the 2019-2020 academic year, the Honors College will select a new cohort of faculty members to join the Faculty Fellows Program each year. Groups of three faculty fellows are selected based on a competitive application process in which they must propose a theme and relevant coursework centered on that theme. This year, a team of three faculty members from the Department of Health and Human Performance joins the Faculty Fellows Program. Brian Bossak, Morgan Hughey, and Kate Pfile submitted a successful proposal titled “Human Experience in a World of Change: The Potential of People, The Power of Place, and the Perilous Possibilities that Humanity May Face”. Each new faculty fellow will teach one Honors course per year that is centered on the theme and will also mentor and advise a group of Honors students. The cohort will teach Honors courses for three academic years and advise for four years so that they can see their group of advisees through to graduation.

2019-2020 Honors Faculty Fellows

Lancie Affonso ’96 (M.S. ’08), M.I.B.S.
Director of Honors Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (E-LLC)
Instructor, Department of Management and Marketing
Instructor, Department of Computer Science
Contact: 843.214.5730 or affonsol@cofc.edu

Timothy Barker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Contact: 843.953.7182 or barkertj@cofc.edu

Brian Bossak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Public Health
Contact: 843.953.1129 or bossakbh@cofc.edu

Jesslyn Collins-Frohlich, Ph.D.
Director of Nationally Competitive Awards
Instructor, Department of English
Contact: collinsfrohlichjr@cofc.edu

Kendall Deas, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
Contact: deaskd@cofc.edu

Trisha Folds-Bennett, Ph.D.
Dean, Honors College
Associate Professor of Psychology
Contact: 843.953.7154 or honors@cofc.edu

Bryan Ganaway, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Advising, Honors College
Director of the International Scholars Program
Contact: 843.953.6451 or ganawayb@cofc.edu

Morgan Hughey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Contact: 843.953.8242 or hugheysm@cofc.edu

Max Kovalov, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor of International Studies
Contact: 843.953.1029 or kovalovm@cofc.edu

James Malm, Ph.D.
Director of the Honors Program in Business
Assistant Professor of Finance
Contact: 843.953.5192 or malmj@cofc.edu

Beth Meyer-Bernstein, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Honors College
Associate Professor of Biology
Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
Contact: 843.953.7154 or MeyerbernsteinE@cofc.edu

Brooke Falk Permenter ’06, Ph.D.
Director of Student Engagement, Honors College
Adjunct Lecturer
Contact: 843.953.0674 or falkb@cofc.edu

Kate Pfile ’04, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Contact: 843.953.3607 or pfilekr@cofc.edu

Jen Wright, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Contact: 943.953.8196 or wrightjj1@cofc.edu

Jennifer Cavalli, Ph.D
Adjunct Faculty in History
Contact: cavallija@cofc.edu



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