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Don’t Forget to Activate your Student Opportunity Center Account

Don’t Forget to Activate your Student Opportunity Center Account

Honors Students,

The Honors College has partnered with Student Opportunity Center (SOC)—an organization that provides students with FREE, 24/7 online access to its database—the nation’s largest online database for out-of-classroom opportunities and high-impact remote, on-site, and virtual experiences, such as scholarships, grants, fellowships, internships, co-ops, conferences, publication, juried competitions, and more!

If you have any questions regarding this service, feel free to browse SOC’s Help Center. So, what are you waiting for? Thousands of great career-building and funding opportunities are just a click away!

A link to the SOC platform is available on the Honors hub as well:

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Make sure to look through your emails for an invitation to join the SOC (check your spam folders)! Then take 30 seconds to get started, log in, and set up your profile using your school (.edu) email address.

The SOC platform is super easy to use and, again, FREE for Honors College students. Once you register, SOC will recommend opportunities based on things like your major, field of study, and geographic location. Additionally, you’ll get weekly SOC newsletters, which are filled with helpful content and articles, links to relevant information, and deadlines for a handful of upcoming opportunities.



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