Favorite Study Locations at CofC

9263187050_0d8b5b7074_oMarlene and Nathan Addlestone Library

Ok maybe this one is a given, but you would be surprised how many nooks and crannies the library has if you really go looking for them! Sometimes the endless stir of people around can give you just enough energy to power through. Plus the library has 20 group study rooms, 260 computers and wireless connectivity inside and outside the building. Just remember the higher up you go the quieter it gets, so leave the bags of chips and cell phones at home.





Rivers Green

If you prefer to study outside, Rivers Green is the place to be. Not only is there Starbucks (Coffee, Coffee, Coffee), but there are also plenty of tables and patio furniture. As an added bonus you get to watch the panicked faces of students running into the library to print off last minute papers.

If you stay late into the night, don’t be afraid to call public safety and ask for an escort home. That’s what they are here for! Call 843.953.5609 and provide the dispatcher with your name, current location, your destination, and your description. Stay in the lobby of the building where you’re calling from (or in your car) until a public safety officer or representative arrives.

Your 9260408463_35123e7509_oMajor’s Building! 

What better place is there to study than your major’s building? Besides the obvious comradery of your peers, professors are often in their offices eager to explain concepts and give you study tips. Some fan favorite locations include the School of Science and Mathematics building, the Beatty Center Atrium, Harbor Walk, and the Education Center (24/7).



Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center

The newly-completed Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center (or Rita, for short) has become a popular study spot for STEM majors and non-STEM majors alike! With both dynamic and static seating options, ample windows, and whiteboards on every floor, Rita is full of places that are flexible enough to hold marathon study sessions for any subject. There are tons of little alcoves throughout the building, so you could theoretically find a different spot for every day of the week! On weekdays, there is also a POD (Provisions On Demand) on the first floor so you have quick access to snacks between problem sets.


The Cistern Yard, School of Science and Mathematics Building Courtyard, Stern Center Gardens, Marion Square, The Battery, and Waterfront Park 

Sometimes staying inside all day will drive you crazy. If Rivers Green is packed, and you’re looking for a new outdoor oasis check out any of these locations. The college’s webcams overlook The Cistern Yard, School of Science and Mathematics Building Courtyard, and Rivers Green so you can always check to see what the weather is like and how many people are already squatted there.

Stern Center

The Stern Center has computers on the first floor and study spaces on the second, third, and fourth floors. Not to mention a Game Room with amenities including Wii, Xbox and Playstation 3 gaming systems, pool tables, booths with individual TV’s and even board games. Don’t forget to bring your valid Cougar Card with you to check-out games and equipment when you need a study break. Additionally study rooms can be rented for 2 hour blocks from the front desk. Click here to see the Stern Center’s extended hours of operation for finals week.

The Honors Center

Honors students have 24/7 access to the Honors Center, located on the second floor of 10 Green Way. Here students have access to free printing and have the option to study inside or on the porch, which overlooks the historic Sottile House. When the weather is nice, this is the perfect place to go and work on group projects with friends. Be careful, though, this historic house’s porch only holds up to 10 people!

The door is always unlocked during business hours, however if you want to use the Honors Center’s facilities after hours, Public Safety has all Honors students’ names on file and will unlock the door for you at any time. Just call 843.953.5609, provide your name, and they will send a dispatcher your way with a key.


Local Coffee Shops and Bakeries

Besides Einstein’s and Starbucks, Charleston has a myriad of places to study and get a quick bite to eat. If you don’t need wifi, try Kudu. It’s located behind McAlister Hall, and has an outdoor courtyard. Their coffee is great and so are their ham and cheese croissants – a study must have. If you want to leave campus for a change, try Brown’s Court Bakery. Be warned it is near to impossible resisting ordering 10 cinnamon buns to accompany your espresso, but we trust you have self control. If you’re near Beaufain St, spend some time at Second State Coffee. Brown Sugar Lattes…..need we say more.

*If you want a comprehensive guide of the places to study on campus, check out this chart created by the Center for Student learning.

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