Allison Gilmore, the Improv Guru

This is a guest post by Paul Dierksheide ’20

image1-1On Wednesday, September 28, the Honors ELLC along with various classes focused on entrepreneurship theory and practice met in the Wells Fargo Auditorium to hear Allison Gilmore talk about her experience as an entrepreneur. Gilmore, the Founder and Chief Improv Officer of Dumoreimprov, gave students great advice about practicing improv in the business world and how those skills can improve relationships along the way.

During her presentation, Gilmore taught students the three rules of improv: make good offers; be quick, clear, and precise; and the concept of listening. She went over how these skills can help in conversation and networking with anyone. In addition to these three skills, the CIO told students to always say “yes, and” in order to promote creativity and take advantage of any opportunities given.

“It’s about the people you know, the people you meet, and how you leverage those relationships,” Gilmore said.

To conclude her presentation, students got to use their “full kinesthetic” to practice the skills that Gilmore had taught. They paired up and did various exercises that focused image2-1heavily on the main rules of improve. The students were able to see firsthand how improv can be integrated into everyday life and, more importantly, be a useful tool in the business world.

Later that evening, Ms. Gilmore was the host of the School of Business Target Emerging Leaders Conference. The conference was an exclusive opportunity made available to emerging leaders who want to become professional game changers and trailblazers during their time at the College of Charleston. A regional leadership representative from Target was there to qualify everything Gilmore had to say on mastering networking.

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