Maymester and Summer Course Spotlight

We have an array of great courses available this Maymester & Summer. Read details below:

The History of Stuff: A Global History of Consumption & Waste.

Every day, Americans consume and discard goods they purchased from the supermarket, large retailers like Walmart and Home Depot, and upscale electronic stores that offer the newest Apple or Google products. While these commodities—from smartphones and televisions to plastic bottles and snack food—have become commonplace in our culture, we rarely take the time to step back and think about where all this “stuff” actually comes from, let alone the deep historical processes that have made these products so ubiquitous in contemporary society. This course takes up this task by conducting a global history of consumption and waste from 1600 to the present, and it will examine how the diffusion of “stuff” throughout the globe has long shaped processes of cultural, social, economic, and environmental change over time.”
HIST 116.01, CRN 30003 | MTWRF 8:30-12:00 and ONLINE |  Dr. Cropper, MAYMESTER



Gender, Race, and Sexualities in the Modern West.

Over the course of the semester we as a class will be discussing the role of women, gender, race, and sexualities in relation to the rise of the Enlightenment and ideas of equity. The focus will be on gendered and racial liberties. Studying the various roles of women and their relationships to men provide a unique lens through which to understand the application of Enlightenment philosophy on Europe and North America.  The breadth of this course prohibits depth in all areas, but we will specifically engage questions related to politics, society, culture, the arts, and war, as well as the history of modern sexualities. This class is intersectional, so we will also be addressing issues of class and race consistently. There will be graphic and sensitive material.  You will be expected to engage a variety of works and ideas, contributing your own ideas and observations.”

HIST 116.05, CRN 20219 | MTWRF 12:00-1:45 and ONLINE |  Dr. Slater, SUMMER II




Special Topics: Colonial America, History of American Sexualities.

The increase of studies and activism related to gender and sexualities in America prompts questions about situating sexuality historically. This course is designed to offer an overview of how politics and society have (mis)understood variant sexualities over the course of history from the colonial period to the present.  We will survey the development of themes such as prostitution, “deviance,” reproductive choices, scientific understandings of sexualities, interactions between gendered cultures, and the role of sexual identities in the modern world.  The incorporation of a variety of Medias including print, memoir, letter, advertisement, film, literature provides an interdisciplinary approach to historical context.”

HIST 210.01, CRN 30541 | MTWRF 12:00-1:45 and ONLINE |  Dr. Slater, SUMMER I

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