Award Winning Undergraduate Research at Grice

Iris Kemp is a graduating senior in the College of Charleston Honors College, with a marine biology major and a double minor in chemistry and psychology. She was recently presented with two South Carolina Academy of Science (SCAS) Sigma Xi Awards; one award for best oral presentation and the other for best poster presentation in the topics of Field Biology and Environmental Science and Biological Oceanography. She is the first SCAS participant to be given two awards in different topics within a single year.

Iris works on the systematics of the marine hatchetfish, Polyipnus tripanos, under the guidance of Dr. Antony Harold. Their analysis of this group produced strong evidence of a new species. She also completed an independent study based on data she had collected over the course of a previous summer research experience. That project focused on the effects of urban structure on fish distribution and density in the Hudson River and was mentored by Dr. Gorka Sancho.

C.O.R.A.L. Participates in Earth Day Festival

On April 17, 2010 the Grice Marine Laboratory’s Community Outreach Research and Learning program (C.O.R.A.L.) participated in the Charleston County Earth Day Festival. The celebration took place at Park Circle in North Charleston on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Pete Meier, accompanied by five graduate students, set up a touch tank with various marine organisms from Charleston Harbor. The festival brought in thousands of participants eager to experience Charleston’s marine life hands-on with the Grice Marine Laboratory.