Welcome Dr. Tina Bell

This fall, Dr. Tina Bell joined the Sotka lab as a postdoctoral researcher.  Tina received her Ph.D. in September 2009 from the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia.  Her dissertation focused on the population genetics and evolution of feeding behavior in an herbivorous isopod Idotea baltica.   Tina will use a newly-funded National Science Foundation grant to generate a phylogeny of herbivorous amphipods in the family Ampithoidae.  This phylogeny will help clarify the taxonomic uncertainties within this group of important herbivores and to elucidate constraints on feeding preferences for chemically-rich seaweeds.  Tina loves the color ‘rainbow’, she makes a mean pumpkin-chocolate brownie, and is now spending a lot of time with little cups of amphipods.  Please welcome Tina when you get a chance.

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