Eco Innovation in Greece – Audrey Churchill

The eco innovation observatory is where they collect and study info on eco innovations and circular economies in different places in the EU, and provide an information resource with this analysis of findings. Greece is extremely affected by climate change, and pollution affects Greece heavily due to a fifth of the country being islands and most of Greece being coastal. This information being collected helps so that companies and creators can use this information to continue to improve and work on new ideas. Additionally, this helps the government make decisions as it is important that all the facts are known before important decisions regarding the environment and policy are made.

Environmental policy in Greece mostly promotes renewable energies as the country greatly benefits from the significant amount of renewable energy that is used via tidal, solar, and wind energy. Additionally, Greece has had growth in the amount of green tourism and innovation in the agriculture industry. As far as ranking goes, in 2018 Greece was on the lower side of the ranking with a score of 75. However, Greece is improving and is only slightly behind the EU average now and in 2020 Greece ranked 25 globally overall on the environmental index.  Greece is doing very well in terms of  use of solar energy, but there are many reforms that need to be made to improve air emissions from transport, loss of biodiversity, and other areas.

Funding of research in Greece is almost entirely from EU funds as the EU has allocated 28.8 million to promote new technology and innovation to help the environment. This money is additionally to be used for promoting efficiency of resources when it comes to waste management, soil contamination, water management, and air pollution. Greece is pretty behind when it comes to environmental information, there are very minimal patent applications from Greece, and Greek businesses are generally small. However, there are many Greek startups intending to apply for patents due to the abundance of funding that is now attainable from abroad. 

When it comes to landfills, Greece lacks the means to handle issues with illegal landfills and are overall having issues with waste management. Although to me it seemed that Greece was very thorough with recycling, they still are behind the goal of fifty percent waste recycling by 2020. I think that overall the EU is just very ahead of America when it comes to recycling, so although Greece may not be doing as good as the rest of the EU, it is clear that there is a more strict approach to recycling than in America. I believe that Greece will continue to grow in their development of environmental innovation as funding is now higher as they are coming out of their economic crisis.

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