Graduate Students, Staff, & Alumni Featured in The College of Charleston Magazine

The Summer 2023 edition of the College of Charleston Magazine features graduate students, faculty, and both new and old alumni. A summary of the features and students’ stories and work can be found below:


Class of 2023 Commencement Ceremony

Class of 2023 Commencement: 114 Master’s and graduate certificate students crossed the Cistern in the College’s 2023 Commencement Ceremony. Congratulations to our new Graduate School Alumni!

Doctor in the House: The College announced that it will be offering its first doctoral program in the fall. The Ph.D. program will be in mathematics and focuses on computational tools to give graduates an advantage in industrial and higher education settings.

Michael J. Lee – Director of the M.A. in Communication Program: Program directors’

Program Director Michael J. Lee

book, We Are Not One People: Secession and Separatism in American Politics Since 1776, traces the history of secession and separatism throughout U.S. history.







Jennie Stephens ’94 – Master of Public Administration Alumnus: Jennie Stephens, the CEO of the Center of Heir’s Property Preservation, is featured for her work with aiding historically underserved landowners by preventing¬† and resolving title disputes.

Jennie Stephens ’94











Bryan Frazier ’13 – Master of Science in Marine Biology Alumnus: Marine biologist and shark expert Bryan Frazier, is featured for his research and work studying sharks for more than 20 years. After receiving his M.S. in Marine Biology, he headed a group of research who studied sharks along the South Carolina Coast. His research on the biting patterns of sharks helps put your fears of swimming in the ocean this summer at rest.

Bryan Frazier ’23



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