Fall 2018 Graduate School Grants Roundup

Another Fall semester is coming to an end, and campus has emptied out for the winter holidays. Here at the Graduate School, we’re looking back at all the great opportunities we helped students make happen through our Graduate School Grants! We granted a total of $8,480 to fund 34 students for 13 projects. Below are all the students and projects we funded this past semester:

Amanda Bayless – M.S. in Marine Biology

Amanda was granted funding to attend the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) North America annual meeting in Sacramento, CA. There, she presented her research project “Determining Potential Water Quality Threats to Acropora palmata Reproduction at Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve”. Amanda made great networking connections with organizations like NOAA, the EPA, and state government.

“The positive experience I had at SETAC has made me want to attend more meetings in the future,” Amanda says. “I am very grateful for the financial support from the College for this opportunity and for the support of my mentors.”

M.S. Child Life Cohort

The Graduate School helped fund 17 Child Life Students attend the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals in Orlando, FL. There, students attended educational workshops and networking events with their Program Director, Dr. Susan Simonian and other program faculty.

Danielle Bloom – M.P.A.

Danielle was granted funding to attend the Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA) conference in Birmingham, AL. There, she presented her research on how citizens reintegrate into society through prisoner reentry programs. Danielle also had the opportunity to attend panel discussions, share research with others in the public sector, and listen to guest speakers. In collaboration with UCSC faculty members Dr. Latasha Chaffin-DeHaan and Dr. Kendra Stewart, Danielle has submitted the article she presented for potential publication!

Jillian Brenner – M.F.A. in Creative Writing/ Graduate Certificate in Arts Management

Jillian was given funding to attend the Fulbright Association Conference in Puebla, Mexico. As the Graduate Assistant with the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards, Jillian utilized the opportunity to attend the conference to establish connections and cement her interest in working with the Fulbright Program after graduation! Jillian plans to apply for Fulbright funding in the future to complete research in Lithuania and Greece for her novels.

Alejandra Enriquez – M.S. in Marine Biology

Alejandra was funded to present her research at the 2018 American Geophysical Union Conference in Washington, D.C. At the conference, Alejandra presented her research poster and networked with future PhD programs and future employers. She also attended workshops that pertained to her thesis work on the Distribution of Iron-Oxidizing Zetaproteobacteria in the Charleston area Shoreline and Rivers.

Rebecca Fanning – Concurrent M.S. in Environmental Studies & M.P.A.

Rebecca was funded to attend the Spikenard Farms Honeybee Sanctuary Advisory Session in Floyd, VA. She has worked closely with Spikenard Farms for her work with the student garden at Dixie Plantation, and the Graduate School helped fund her trip to the advisory session. There, Rebecca learned techniques for winter apiary maintenance and was able to stay a few days on the farm to learn about their unusual approach to gardening.

Savannah Haury – M.A. in History

Savannah was granted funding to present her research project “Resistance on the Riverfront: Enslaved Boatmen in Colonial South Carolina” at the Fourth Annual Slave Dwelling Project Conference at Middle Tennessee State University.

M.S. in Historic Preservation Joint Degree with Clemson University

The Graduate School helped fund four Historic Preservation students on a trip to Texas Hill Country. There, the students conducted field work and documentation on German Vernacular Architecture for the Vernacular Architecture Forum this coming spring.

Kimberly Hlavin – M.S. in Historic Preservation Joint Degree with Clemson University

Kimberly was given funding to attend the National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference in San Francisco, California. There, she was able to attend labs, forums, talks, and interactive tours all within the field of historic preservation, with many extending beyond the scope of the graduate program! Kimberly also experienced several networking opportunities with prominent members of the field.

Sarah Kell – M.S. in Marine Biology

Sarah received funding to attend the Society for Environmental Toxicity and Chemistry North America 39th Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California. There, she presented her research project “Recovery of microplastics from fine grain sediment with a common density separation technique using different agitation methods”.

Julie Loewenstein – M.S. in Marine Biology

Julie was given funding to attend the NMRbox Workshop at the University of Georgia. Attending this workshop greatly contributed to Julie’s thesis work on corals and how they will be affected by changes in pH and temperature due to changes in the environment. At the workshop, Julie was able to network with experts in the field of coral science, as well as participate in hands-on workshops and lectures.

Annie Matlack – M.S. Child Life

Annie was granted funding to attend the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals conference in Orlando, FL. There, she presented her research project “Using Child Life Theory to Inform Community Assessment”.

Zach Proux – M.S. Marine Biology

Zach was given funding to travel to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Falmouth, MA. There, he boarded the R/V Atlantis to act as a research assistant to Dr. Peter Etnoyer, a marine biologist with NOAA’s Coastal Center for Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research (CCEHBR). Onboard, Zach was able to network with fellow graduate students, experts in the field of deep-sea coral research, and got to dive in a deep-sea submersible to depths of 1,400 meters!


Congratulations to all our incredible students, and we look forward to seeing all the great projects in Spring 2019!

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