Weekend Wrap-Up Part 3

Just because it’s Tuesday, that doesn’t mean I forgot about the weekend wrap-up – it was just such a busy weekend!

Have you done anything with Charleston Fashion Week? Officially, it starts today, but Marion Square was filled with tents and pre-event festivies this weekend. If you’ve done anything with it (or if you will be), I’d love to hear from you.

And then there’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Did you make it out to the parade or any of the celebrations? Personally, I tucked away my Irish ancestory and sat out on celebrating Saint Patty’s Day.

Instead, I took a trip down by the water and visited our local aquarium. The South Carolina Aquarium sits on Charleston Harbor at 100 Aquarium Wharf.  DSC05157



Did you know that the aquarium boasts the deepest tank? The Great Ocean Tank is 2 stories tall and 42 feet deep.









When you head ustairs, be pre pare to be greeted by this majestic creature. And, if you want, take sit in a life-size eagle’s nest (don’t worry, the nest is not real!)

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