Notice: We Will Close…

The Graduate School Office will be closed from noon until 1:30 pm today.

During this time, we will be having a farewell luncheon with Regina Semko, Assistant to the Dean, who is retiring tomorrow, March 15th, after many, many years of service to the College of Charleston community.  Before coming to the Graduate School in 2003, she worked at the Lightsey Conference Center for five years.  Regina has been a  wonderful asset, not only to our office, but also to the College at large. Her efforts have facilitated the work of the Faculty R&D Committee, the Faculty Committee on Graduate Education, Continuing Education and Special Programs, and the Graduate Council.  She has also been an integral member of the Campus Cat Coalition, a volunteer group involved in the daily feeding of and caring for the campus felines. A guiding light in the Charleston Crafts Cooperative, she has taught special classes on origami at the College and at MUSC.  Regina will be moving to Ohio next month to be closer to her mother and siblings. 

 We wish her the best in her retirement!


*If you need to reach us during this time, please call 843-953-5614 or email We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible after we return to the office. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding as we say farewell to a treasured staff member.

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