Days Until…

It might be hard to believe, but December is here already. With that in mind, here are a couple of countdowns for you:

0 days until…the last day of Fall 2012 classes and the last day to submit your thesis. That day is officially here. If you haven’t already, submit your thesis today! 12/3

1 day unti… reading day. 12/4

2 days until…final exams begin at the College of Charleston. 12/5

3 days until… you can work out stress (and burn calories) with zumba. 12/6

4 days until…you can take a study break and play with puppies. 12/7

5 days until…a holiday market and craft show in Mount Pleasant! 12/8

6 days until…the Summerville christmas parade. 12/9

7 days until…the last week of the fall semester. 12/10

8 days until…you have the opportunity to attend a diversity education workshop. 12/11

9 days until…the last day of final exams! 12/12

And, one last countdown for you: 12 days until…the Fall 2012 December commencement!

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