Health and Mental Health Resources

Laid out below are the health and mental health resources available here at the College of Charleston. Be sure to take a look at them so that if a problem arises,  you can easily find the resources you need to help sort it out.

Campus Recreation Services

  • Fitness Center- 2nd Floor Stern Student Center. This fitness center is a 2,000-square-foot facility featuring nine treadmills, nine elliptical trainers, a combination of nine upright and recumbent exercise bikes, a full circuit of Free Motion resistance training equipment, and a small complement of dumbbells and medicine balls.
  • The 25-meter swimming pool in the Stern Center handles a busy schedule of classes, varsity swim team events, and recreational swim times. Contact the aquatics director at 83-953-5960 for scheduling information.
  • East Shore Athletic Club- the downtown location is located at 88 Wentworth Street. It has a range of cardio equipment and strength training equipment including free weights. All 11 ESAC locations are available to CofC students and include 24-hour access. Students must first register with their student ID card at the ESAC on Wentworth Street, and they must register at the beginning of each semester.
  • The Johnson and Silcox Center, located at 30 George Street, is large activity center that was formed by combining two gymnasiums. The F. Mitchell Johnson Physical Education Center and the Willard A. Silcox Physical Education Center occupy the corner of George and Meeting Streets. These gyms house four basketball courts, five volleyball courts, six badminton courts, a space for indoor soccer, an indoor running track, a small workout area, locker and shower areas, five racquetball courts, and a 4,90-square-foot multi-purpose room.
  • The 4,900-square-foot Multi-Purpose Room at J201 Johnson Center is used for Health and Human Performance classes, campus recreation services fitness classes, and sport club practices. Contact the Campus Recreation Services director about room reservation requests.
  • The outdoor fields on James Island are only a short drive from campus and are located adjacent to the James Island County Park. The 12-acre site, known as “The Yard,” serves the College’s intramural sports leagues and sports clubs.

Counseling and Substance Abuse

  • Located on the second floor of the Robert Scott Small Building, the Counseling and Substance Abuse Services (CASAS) provides counseling for individual, couple, family, and relationship concerns. It also offers assessment and treatment for alcohol and substance abuse problems as well as testing for possible learning problems. Other limited psychiatric services are also available.
  • The Crisis Assistance Response and Education (CARE) is located on the second floor- rooms 202 and 203- at 67 George Street. Becoming a victim of a crime can happen to anyone. The CARE program is available for students no matter where the crime happened- on or off campus, or whether the student chooses to file an official police report. Certified victim assistance specialists address the immediate and long-term questions and issues.  Services are provided within a framework that is attentive, sensitive, and knowledgeable so that no matter where students live, work, and socialize, if there is ever a need, there is a wealth of assistance through CARE.

Emergency Services

  • The Emergency Medical Service exists for the purpose of providing basic level emergency medical care, without charge, to CofC students, faculty, staff, and community.
  • The Student Wellness Center provides quality, primary health care in an ambulatory setting. Its mission is to support wellness and to provide early diagnosis and treatment. It hopes to develop an awareness of the importance of regular health maintenance and to teach students how to use the available health care in a timely and cost effective manner.

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