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As mentioned in a previous post, over the next week or two, we are going to highlight some services that you may or may not know are available at the College of Charleston. On tap for today are the various avenues for academic support.


Center for Disability Services

The CDC is dedicated to ensuring that all programs and services of the College of Charleston are accessible; to providing accommodations while promoting independence; to offering educational opportunities that enhance understanding of the various types of disabilities; and to serving as a resource for faculty, staff, students, and the community. If a temporary injury affects your ability to participate in class, the CDS will make every effort to provide assistance.

Information Technology (IT)- can be reached by phone at 843-953-3375, through their Web site at, or by email at

  • MyCharleston- this an online portal through which you register for classes, audit your degree progress, pay bills, access academic forms, and retrieve midterm and final grades.
  • Oaks- Through this portal, you will be able to access the syllabus, course calendar, discussions and chat rooms, reserve readings, assignments, and your grades.
  • CMail- Please note that your CMail account is the only account from which the Graduate School will accept email correspondence.
  • Symantec Antivirus software downloads are required for all student computers connected to the campus network. To access these downloads, visit


  • The Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture is located at 125 Bull Street.  It houses primary documents and other materials relating to the historical and cultural heritage of South Carolina Lowcountry African-Americans.
  • The John Rivers Communications Museum, located at 58 George Street, provides communications history and topical social issues presented in a variety of formats.
  • The Lowcountruy Graduate Center is located at 5300 International Blvd, Building B. The LCG Center serves as the home for several College of Charleston programs, and all CofC students have access to this library.
  • The Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library, located at 205 Calhoun Street, is the main CofC library and is the home to Special Collections, the Center for Student Learning, the main campus computer lab, the Media Collection, and Java City Café. Graduate students have access to ther own study room on the third floor or the Addlestone library.
  • The Marine Resources Library, located at 217 Fort Johnson Road, is available to all CofC students, but is primarily used by Marine Biology candidates.

The Office of Research and Grants Administration (ORGA)

ORGA promotes externally funded research, training, and demonstration projects. ORGA is a central source of information on major government agencies, foundations, and corporations that support research and scholarship. Staff provides faculty members, administrators, and students assistance with the conceptual development and planning and with implementing and managing the funded projects. Assistance is provided in identifying potential extramural funding sources; developing proposal narratives and budgets; completing standardized application forms; assuring compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations; negotiating grant awards and contracts; and administering funded projects. ORGA provides administrative services for both the Institutional Animal Care & Use (IACUC), the Institutional Biosafety Committee, and the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The Center for Student Learning

The CSL is composed of labs and other tutorial services and provides students with individual or group assistance from trained and experienced staff, faculty, and peer tutors. Students may receive tutoring on a walk-in  basis or by appointment. Supplemental Instruction meeting times ares set by semester, and study groups and study skills seminars are scheduled periodically throughout the semester.

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