Why Cistern Yard is closed

You have probably noticed that the gates to the Cistern Yard are shut and the surrounding buildings hidden by scaffolding. The College of Charleston is caring for its historic buildings through a series of restoration projects. Below is an update from the director of the Physical Plant, John Cordray, Jr., on these projects.

As we all get back to campus and start another year it might be a good idea to bring you all up to date with what’s going on in the Cistern Yard.

Construction progress on the exteriors repair project has been progressing well. The schedule is tracking about a month behind due primarily to weather delays from last winter and spring. The stucco, window, and shutter repair is on target to be complete by the middle of September. The terra cotta and structural repairs of the Portico have been the biggest schedule challenge.  This summer saw new landscaping irrigation installed, new wiring for the lighting and about half of the brick pavers have been replaced.

The yard remains a construction zone as some of the structural work on the portico and the terra cotta will still require heavy equipment up close to Randolph Hall. We expect the work will be done in the next month and a half, provided material deliveries keep on schedule. The new landscaping, planting beds and sod will be going in through September and the new turf will need a month to establish before foot traffic is allowed on the grass. The work includes roof repairs to all three buildings. The site is very tight with little lay down or staging area. The general contractor has been using 5 College Way as a temporary field office for their daily operation. The fenced site is for your/our safety as well as theirs. Remember it is a hard hat area. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to be diligent in avoiding the construction zone.

Thanks again for your patience. Please be aware and cautious of the work going on all sides of the Cistern Yard, St Philips Street, George Street, Green Way and College Way as well as the buildings, access may remain limited for a couple of months.

If you have any questions or have particular issues we can help with, please contact our project manager, Ben Miehe or myself.

John A. Cordray
Phone: 843-953-8267

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