The 2010 ExCEL Awards

We received an email from Teresa Smith, the College’s Director of Multicultural Student Programs and Services, reminding us that the 2010 ExCEL Awards nomination deadline is fast approaching (It’s this Friday!). If you know anyone who deserves recognition for any of these prestigious awards, we encourage you to nominate them. The nomination process is fast and is all done online, so it will only take a few minutes of your time. Here are the details:

Nominations are pouring in for this year’s 2010 ExCEL Awards, a program that honors students, faculty, staff, community groups and/or individuals for promoting excellence at the College of Charleston.  Nominations may highlight excellence in teaching, student learning/leadership, athletics, diversity initiatives, individual contributions to the campus community, and/or professional, social, and cultural leadership.  However, this is a reminder that the awards nominations deadline of February 26, 2010 is fast approaching.

This year’s nomination process is “tree friendly”, very easy and will not take up too much of your time.  Just go directly to the 2010 ExCEL Awards web page at and nominate faculty, staff and students for the various awards.  A description of the awards is also listed.

Keep the nominations coming in and many thanks to those who have already submitted their nominations!

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