How to Waste Time Productively

phd092809sWith Fall Break just a couple of weeks away and the weather suddenly feeling a bit colder, it seems that the last thing anyone wants to do is work on that ever-mounting pile of projects for class. But you don’t want to be an unproductive slob either. So, how do you waste time while actually feeling productive? I polled everyone here in the Graduate School Office, and everyone came back with some great suggestions on how to do something while doing nothing. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fun With English is a blog chronicling all kinds of fun ways to be creative with English. It also pokes fun at us English-speakers with some good-natured humor.

PhD Comics (PhD is short for Piled Higher and Deeper) are made for those of us in the academy. They really nail what it’s like to live the grad school life.

Free Rice is a fun site that quizzes you on vocabulary and other trivia. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

Free Kibble has a similar concept to Free Rice, except it’s geared towards our furry friends. For every correct answer, pet food is donated to animal shelters around the country. There are versions for dogs and cats, so you answer trivia and donate food for either.

Mental Floss is a website with a lot of fun trivia, games, and factoids about everyday topics. It won’t necessarily help you study, but it will make you feel smarter.

Typeracer lets you test your speed and accuracy through a series of fun typing exercises. It’ll make you feel more productive because those papers will get done faster in the future.

Thanks to everyone in the office who contributed. Enjoy your weekend, and let’s get busy doing nothing productively!

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