In Her Words, according to Smart Family Magazine

Someone once made the statement that I “make coffee nervous.” Which, coincidentally just happens to be a quote from one of my all time favorite movies.*

smart-familyWell, Kellee McGahey doesn’t quite make coffee nervous, but I have absolutely no idea how the woman finds the time to sleep.  Not only is she the Assistant Director of the Lowcountry Graduate Center, but she is a grad student in our Communication program and serves as the Chair of the Charleston Young Professionals.  If you’re at a Chamber meeting, an AMA meeting or any other meeting, don’t be surprised if you see her there.

Kellee recently opened up about balancing work, life and graduate school in Smart Family magazine.  You can find her two-page spread starting on page 74, including three reasons why you should go back to school.  Other women featured include Shari Bouis, Principal at Cario Middle School; Heather Woolwine, Media Relations Director for MUSC; and Lisa Wade, Social Work Case Manager for the Ryan White HIV Care program.

Balance is a delicate thing, but something you can certainly achieve when you’re a grad student.  Take the time to talk with friends and family that have received their degree, or are in the middle of their program.  See what works best for them.  Also, use social media to your advantage.  There are so many groups out there dedicated to helping graduate students like GradShare, LinkedIn, and Mom it Forward.  If you’re stuck, you can always talk with your program director.  S/he might know of a student in a similar situation, or might even have similar experience of his/her own.

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*The first person to email me with what 1998 movie that quote is from will receive a free GRE or GMAT book.

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  1. Hello. Great job. I did not imagine this. This is a impressive story. Thanks!

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