What can I look forward to this Fall?

summer-day-1There are only two weeks remaining until applications are due for the Fall semester, and just under ten weeks until classes start.  It’s been so quiet around campus this summer that I’ve considered starting a countdown to August 25.  Much like the running countdown until my vacation (9 days), my birthday (48 days) and Christmas (190 days).  But really – who’s counting?

Things get a little quiet for us during the summer, which is when we really start planning our events for the Fall.  We’ve added a few new things for new and returning students, and I figured I’d give you a bit of a sneak peak.

In August, we’ll welcome new students the week before class at our annual Orientation.  This year is going to be a little different because we’ll have representatives from ORGA present to talk about various fellowships, scholarships and grants.  Of course, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) will welcome all new students after Orientation at their impressive Meet & Greet at Yo Burrito on Wentworth Street.

The GSA will also welcome all students back to their annual Welcome Back party.  In the past, this has been hosted on Ft. Johnson where our Grice Marine Lab is located.  You couldn’t ask for a better view, and the band is usually one of the hottest in the Lowcountry.

Later in the semester, we’ll host a mandatory Responsible Conduct of Research workshop for all new students.  I’ve been to three so far, and each workshop has progressed to best equip our students with the knowledge needed for research in every industry – including the humanities.

ORGA will sponsor its first grant writing workshop for graduate students this semester, as well as a workshop for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships.  I met with them a few weeks ago, and was happy to have finally met the team that has helped our students secure Knauss Fellowships, NSF grants, Fulbright Scholarships, and other very impressive opportunities.

Graduating students will also have the opportunity to attend a Thesis writing seminar, hosted by Regan Fantry.  She’ll walk you through the ins and outs of our newest system which allows you to submit your thesis online.

Many of our programs host events for their students, so be sure to check your email (preferably your Edisto account) to hear about all the programs, workshops and events we’re hosting this Fall.


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