Calling all Marine Biologists

Hi folks,

The Graduate Student Colloquium of the Graduate Program in Marine Biology is moving to the fall: September 25-26.

bluecrabOur Keynote speaker, Dr. Scott France, University of Louisiana Lafayette, will give the Keynote Address on Friday, September 25, and the Closing Address — following student presentations — on Saturday, September 26. Dr. France is a deep-sea biologist studying the evolution of deep sea benthic invertebrates; more information about his work can be found here:

The GPMB colloquium will also feature an expanded poster session Friday evening, following the Keynote Address; all GPMB students in their second year or beyond will either be presenting a poster or giving a talk. Please plan on attending both the poster session and talks, to support our students and enjoy this showcase of research being done in the College of Charleston/Ft. Johnson community! As usual, the colloquium will close with a Lowcountry Boil; in addition to celebrating the colloquium, new graduate students will be introduced at this event.

shrimpAbstracts are due August 31st. Students will be notified by the committee of whether they will be giving a talk or a poster by September 4th.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Melissa Hughes
Colloquium Committee Chair

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