Found in Translation

Since we’re getting ready to take a two-week break, I decided it was time to face the 14 inches of paperwork shoved in a dark corner of my office.  An inch in, I found the College of Charleston Magazine. Since I’ve been remiss in reading the various newspapers and magazines that come through my office, I propped up my feet and turned the cover.

Flipping through, I came across Found in Translation, an article written on the volunteer work of Dr. Elizabeth Martinez-Gibson.  Not only does she volunteer 100+ hours each year at the Medical University of South Carolina as a medical interpreter, she is also the founder of the first medical interpreting graduate-level certificate program in the southeast.

The certificate is offered in conjunction with our master’s in Bilingual Interpreting.  When enrolled in the degree program and take one additional course in the certificate program, you graduate with both a master’s in interpreting and a certificate in medical & healthcare interpreting.  Not a bad deal if you ask me!

Dr. Martinez-Gibson is also working on expanding opportunities to study medical translation at the undergraduate level at College of Charleston.  Her “main focus now is to give students an opportunity for another career choice.  There is a great need throughout the United States for medical interpreting, and opportunities in other countries as well, if their Spanish is strong.”  We are very excited and proud of the energy and devotion Dr. Martinez-Gibson has put forth for all of our programs.

Learn more about our graduate-level interpreting opportunities online.

2 thoughts on “Found in Translation

  1. Karen Faucette

    I am interested in the graduate level interpreting program that you have available. Can you please provide me with additional information as the link on this webpage is broken.

  2. Niki Leiva

    Hello, Karen. Unfortunately, this program no longer exists at the College of Charleston. A list of our current programs can be found at If you would like to discuss this more, please feel free to contact me at leivana – at – cofc – dot – edu.


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