Graduate Student Poster Session

Mondays are a rough day.  So much business to cover – especially during a Monday Morning Meeting.  Our office takes a long time to cover what happened last week, and what to expect this week.  I thought for sure that this morning’s meeting was going to be short with only four staff members, but I was wrong.  We’re pretty busy up here in Randolph Hall!

One of the topics we covered is January’s Graduate Student Research Poster Session.  This morning’s list of participants included 23 students from six programs and the titles are super exciting!  See more after the jump.


Bryn Burkard: Examining Communication Messages and Weight Loss: Politeness Theory and the Concept of Face

Carrie Busch: Charleston’s Museum Mile: An Analysis of Organizational Collaboration

Anna-Fiona Cooke: Text and Instant Messaging in the Workplace and Its Effects on Management

Kurtis Miller: The Speech Act of Complaining: Preliminary Quantitative Research


Jennifer Burgess: Adjunct Anxiety: The position of Part-Time Composition Instructors at the College of Charleston

Environmental Studies

Guinn Garrett: Application of Geochemical End-Member Mixing Analysis to Delineate Water Sources in a Lowland Watershed

Tyler Lawson: Habitat Effects on Chytridiomycosis Infection in the Critically Endangered Agalychnis moreletti

Jennifer Scales: Variation in Territorial Aggression in Relation to Environmental Impacts

Kelly Sloan: The Effectiveness of Multilevel Modeling in Analyzing Sea Turtle Nesting Trends


Rachel Allen: A Violent Redemption: Charleston’s Own Civil War in the Gubernatorial Election of 1876

Hillary Lentz: The King of England’s Sickness: A Description of the English Sweat and an Analytical Discussion of its Origin and Treatment during the REign of Three Tudor Monarchs

Angela Dembiczak: The Axe, the Noose and the Fire: What Forms of Execution during the English Peasants’ Uprising of 1381

Kate Jenkins: School Desegregation in Charlesotn County

Neal Polhemus: Natural Disasters and Disastrous Politics: Rebuilding Charleston’s Fortifications 1752-1756

Marine Biology

Jesse Alderson: Distributions of Injured Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Southeastern United States: A 9-Year Regional Study

Jennifer Fountain: Monroe saxatilis, Release Strategies and Improve Hatchery Contribution

Megan Kent: Relative Contributions of Taxanomic Groups Within Microbial Biofloc Communities to the Growth of Litopenaues vannamei When Provided as Dietary Supplements

Allie Kreutzer: The Role of Crab Traps in Oyster Reef Restoration

Steven O’Connell: Perfluorinated Contaminant Concentrations in Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta): Expanded Spatial and Temporal Trends along the East Coast of the United STates

Katie Olds: TBA

Kolo Rathburn: Transcriptional Profile of the Penaeid Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei to Hypoxia and Hypercapnic Hypoxia

Drew Wham: TBA

Science and Mathematics for Teachers

Sadie Fox: Robotics Curriculum for CE Williams Middle School for Creative and Scientific Arts.

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  1. […] Visit us this Thursday in the Stern Center Ballroom for the third annual Graduate Student Research Poster Session.  Students will be on hand to present their posters from 4:00 until 6:30.  To see a list of presenters, visit our earlier blog entry. […]

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