An Internship Announcement and a Call for Papers

The South Carolina Historical Society is looking for interns to begin working with them in January.  As an intern, you will work directly with two graduates of our History program: Mary Jo Fairchild and Jane Aldrich.  I have yet to meet Ms. Aldrich, but can attest that Mrs. Fairchild is a wonderful woman to work with.  We had the opportunity to work together for two years while she completed her degree, and The Graduate Studies Office still misses her enthusiasm!  For more information regarding the internship, visit our website.

Also, there has been a call for posters for the North Carolina Museum Council/South Carolina Federation of Museum’s Annual Meeting.  The deadline to submit a poster is January 16, 2009.  You can find more details here.

2 thoughts on “An Internship Announcement and a Call for Papers

  1. internships are actually fantactic opportunities… I found that I got a lot more mileage with the employers after they hear about internship experiences…Thanks

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