Update on The Road Less Traveled

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Environmental Studies student Nikki Seibert and her award for being a “green catalyst of change.”  Charleston’s local newspaper, The Post & Courier, also caught wind of Nikki’s accomplishments and put her on the front page of Saturday’s People Section.  Congrats Nikki!

One thought on “Update on The Road Less Traveled

  1. […] Nikki Seibert made the front page of The Charleston City Paper for her apprenticeship with three local farms. Nikki continues to improve the community in which she lives by engaging her neighbors and others to produce and share fresh food. If you ever read her blog, The Road Less Traveled, you may consider jumping over to The Bogarden. The Bogarden is a community garden which “serves as a place to strengthen neighborhood bonds, create friendships, and share the love of gardening.”  Thank you for all of your hard work, Nikki! […]

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