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Michael Kanes, Biology and German Major, interns at St. Joseph’s hospital in Berlin-Tempelhof.


Michael Kanes, a rising junior majoring in Biology and German, is doing his summer internship in Germany at St. Joseph’s hospital in Berlin-Tempelhof. When Herr DL visited him, he was observing and assisting with gastrointestinal surgeries, and will rotate to other areas of the hospital in the remaining 4 weeks of his internship. He is thrilled to be there and is happy to gain phenomenal resume busting experience while improving his specialized medical terminology in German.

“Since being here, I have been able to experience medical procedures that I wouldn’t have been able to do until medical school in the United States! I have been able to scrub into surgeries, work in several different departments inside the hospital, and converse with doctors from all over the world. I have also had a lot of time to explore Berlin, as well as Germany as a whole! I have been to Munich, Potsdam, and Prague, and I plan on going to Hamburg and Vienna before I depart back to the US. This experience has been incredible so far and I am so lucky to be able to explore this beautiful country!”