Emily Rosko’s third poetry collection, Weather Inventions, was published by the University of Akron Press in April 2018.

Faculty Publications: Emily Rosko’s New Book

We’re pleased to announce that Emily Rosko’s latest book, Weather Inventions, was published today by the Akron Press as part of their Akron Series in Poetry. 

If you happened to hear Dr. Rosko’s talk, “Finishes & Starts,” at the October 3rd Research and Writing Colloquium, you heard a little bit about the process behind this book which taps and extends a powerful poetic lineage.

“First marvel; then record.” This tempered revision of Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetry as a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion recollected in tranquility serves as a useful guide to Emily Rosko’s Weather Inventions. The poems in Rosko’s third collection capture an enduring sense of wonder in the face of nature alongside the scientific impulse to observe and measure. At turns evasive and earnest, erudite and unguarded, researched and unbooked, the poems in Rosko’s Weather Inventions chart humanity’s enduring attachments to weather in science and art. Weather is the creative force here, inspiring a search for objective and reflective truths about our lives on this planet.

This is Dr. Rosko’s third collection, following her two previously published–and prize-winning–collections Prop Rockery (2012) and Raw Goods Inventory (2006).

If you would like a preview of Rosko’s latest collection, poetry from Weather Inventions previously appeared in Diode.

Weather Inventions is currently available through Amazon for Kindle and in paperback as well as through the Akron University Press in paperback, PDF, and ePub.