Memorial for Sarah Goad


“The world needs to be loved and cared about as Sarah cared about it.” 


Sarah Goad, a beloved 2013 alumna of the English Department, has recently passed away—leaving our campus breathless and in mourning of her incredible positive presence and insight.

As we gather to remember her, her professors and those who had the privilege to know her share their memories:

She worked in the Writing Lab from Fall 2011- Spring 2013. She was a patient and emphatic consultant who helped many students. –Dr. Bonnie Devet

This is such devastating news. She was an exceptionally gifted writer of poetry and prose, and was so energized by literature. -Dr. Emily Rosko

Dr. Julia Eichelberger, as well, detailed her memories of Sarah, both in and outside of the classroom:

What I remember about the time I spent with Sarah is how much energy and determination and joy she carried around. She wasn’t making any special effort to do that; it was just how she was. She had no trouble seeing possibilities for learning, beauty, fun, for resisting wrongs and speaking out for things that were overlooked or misunderstood. Of course this is possible, she always seemed to be thinking. Of course we must make this happen.

Sarah did a wonderful job serving as the moderator/MC for the Poetry Out Loud competition that I was in charge of in 2013. I still have the DVD of that competition; it makes me very happy to see and hear Sarah welcoming the teenaged competitors and reading their bios. She was wearing a red jacket and a black blouse with white polka dots. Each time she came back onstage, she climbed the stairs with a bit of a skip, then walked to the microphone and pulled it down to the right height for herself. She often flashed a brief smile at the student she was introducing, inviting them onstage with a quick beckoning gesture.

It’s awfully hard to know she can’t keep doing this. The world needs to be loved and cared about as Sarah cared about it.

The loss of Sarah Goad will be felt within the English Department, the College of Charleston, and all those who knew her and her passionate energy for countless years to come.

Our community is so very sorry for this loss to her family, and to the world at-large.