That’s a Wrap! CofC Film Club, 2022-2023

With the Spring academic semester coming to a close, Film Club wraps up another successful year! Over the course of the 2022-2023 school year, we watched 26 films as a club. Some of the biggest highlights from our most recent semester include: watching the German expressionism classic Metropolis (1927), which turned out to be a surprise hit with members; Mission Blue as a collaboration with with CofC Women in STEM; the 1973 animated film Fantastic Planet for a member’s choice vote won by member Matthew Norton-Baker; watching Chef (2014) with the CofC Cheese Club, all while serving grilled cheese during the screening; and closing out the year with the 1990 film The Freshman, which saw Matthew Broderick getting wrapped up in a NYC mob headed by Marlon Brando—essentially playing the Godfather once more!

Our most notable event outside of our screenings was the 18th Annual Student Film Festival! Click here to read more about it, but it was certainly a success and an unforgettable night. We premiered Roses, CofC Film Club’s official submission to the festival, written and directed by freshman Film Club member Natalie Dixon! Production for Roses took place in late February, and numerous film club members volunteered to produce this short film.

Additionally, a few Film Club officers were invited by the Gibbes Museum of Art to participate in the museum’s annual Film in Focus movie series. President Max Meyers, Vice President Bristol Barnes, and Treasurer Keller Holllingsworth helped lead a talkback at the series screening of Princess Mononoke (1997). Princess Mononoke was one of three films included in this year’s Film in Focus series (titled “Forest Gods”), which centered around themes of environmentalism as inspired by the Gibbes’ art exhibit, “Un/Natural Selections: Wildlife in Contemporary Art.”

Film Club hosted a variety of events for members this year, most notably our camera workshops, Trident Tech filmmaking workshop, and Oscars Watch party! Celebrating all of the fantastic wins and crazy moments of the 25th Academy Awards was such a great time. We also  held two fundraisers this month, both of which raised money for FilmClub short film budgets and for our members to use in their own future projects! The most recent fundraiser was Film Club merch; we’re super proud to be able to offer merch to students again, so plan on more merch drops with a variety of other items in the upcoming school year!

Overall, it was yet another fantastic year, with so much more in store for the future. Stay up to date with Film Club by following the instagram @cofc.filmclub! We’re so excited to return and do great things next year!


Article by Film Club President Max Meyers

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