Overrun with Plastic

As someone who cares about the environment and the animals in it I tried by best to  buy items that would not hurt the environment. When taking a look around my room I realized I only touch a small amount of objects repeatedly.  In this aspect I think this one trial was not enough to really show really how much plastic I used.  I say this because I fell asleep for a lot of the day and the only Items I touched were due to school and free time I had.

Here's how Indonesia plans to tackle its plastic pollution problem | World Economic Forum

When I looked around my room I noticed some of the items where label as cruelty free and when  thinking about that statement it is not all that true. Yes they may not be testing their products on animals but the packaging they are using to is harmful to the environment.  Since the packaging cant be recycled it ends up in the ocean and birds mistake it for food. Consuming so much plastic and not actual food causes them to starve and eventually die.

On campus there are different places to recycle and they are found right outside of dinning halls. Some are found in education buildings. People don’t ever stop and look at the materials they have in their hands they choose to just throw it away. If they were to actually look most of the dinning wear is actually compostable.

3 thoughts on “Overrun with Plastic

  1. I completely agree with you when you talk about the cruelty free items. Just because they aren’t hurting the animals in the process, the aftermath could end up harming them. I have also seen this image a few times and every time it hurts to look at. It says so much in one picture. I think adding this to your blog was very smart and useful because it makes the readers feel something. I also this this was very well written and organized.

  2. I’m interested by your comment on the “cruelty free” label! That is usually in regards to the product INSIDE the bottle (no animal testing), but it’s important to think about the entire product which includes the packaging!

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