My Favorite Fishing Spot (Extra Credit Post #1)

With this being my first year in Charleston, I did a lot of exploring in my free time. One of my favorite things to do here is to find new places to go fishing. In West Virginia, you can try to go fishing year round on the warmer days in the winter but you may not have much luck. Fishing is one of my favorite things to do so it is great to have a chance to fish during the winter.

One of the places that I fish at the most is on the harbor. I usually catch small fish here such as mullets. The harbor is not far from my apartment at all so if I do not have time to go on a longer fishing trip, this is where I go. I just put everything in my backpack and ride there on my bike. The harbor is also a great place to use my crab trap. The most crabs I have caught in my trap at one time was six. Most of the time I just let the crabs go after catching them. Sometimes there will be a Stone Crab in my trap. Stone crabs cannot be kept, so you have to throw these back when you find them in your trap.

The Folly Beach Pier is another spot that I like to go when I would like to go fishing.  It costs a couple bucks to fish on the pier, but it is worth it because you are getting to fish deeper in the ocean, there is not sand everywhere and you have a great view. There are also a lot of other people fishing there so there is an opportunity to share tips with each other about fishing in the area. I have actually learned a lot from talking to the older guys when I am at fishing spots. I am really glad to have had the chance to fish throughout the year while going to school here because fishing is my favorite thing to do.

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