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For my event or activity outside of class I volunteered at our local food bank, the Lowcountry Food Bank.  I know what you are probably thinking, what does this have to do with our class?  So basically, we went to the Zucker Middle School and volunteered at a fresh for all.  For those of you who do not know what a fresh for all is, no worries I didn’t either before volunteering.

Usually when I help out at the food bank we focus on helping lower income families learn to cook and buy groceries at a price that works for them but this time it was different.  Before arriving at the middle school all I knew was that this was also the day that the school was hosting parent-teacher conferences so that the parents could pick up report cards.  When I arrived at the middle school, I was escorted to an outside portion of the lunch room where there were various cardboard boxes set out in a line on about three or four big tables.  In each of the boxes was all kinds of fruits and vegetables!  I soon learned that the main goal of the fresh for all was for the parents to not only pick up report cards but also for the parents to get as many fruits and vegetables as they needed for their family.

Not only did this fresh for all promote healthy eating, but they also promoted local farmers and less processed foods.  I thought this was awesome when thinking about how much better eating and buying like this is versus eating and buying processed, chemically-saturated foods not only for our bodies but for our environment as well.  Programs like the food bank promoting eating locally grown, less processed foods are the small steps our environment needs to improve.

3 thoughts on “Event or Activity Outside of Class: Fresh for All

  1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear that initiatives such as this one is being implemented in local schools in order to promote healthy eating. Thanks for sharing your volunteer experience.

  2. I volunteered at a local food bank when I was younger in school. I remember learning so much from this experience as well. I enjoy that they promoted local farmers and less processed foods because this educates a sustainable/ healthy way of living.

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