Extra Credit Media Assignment

Media can truly be a tricky concept, weather or not it is true and factual or fake and made up of lies. “Media Overload” is when you watch too much social media at one time. The younger generations I believe have more of these problems but, I also think that we all catch ourselves soaking up social media in every much way. I fell as though we could limit this media overload by limiting the amount of time we are to watch tv or be on the phones.

I believe that people need to interact with the media in different ways and not just sitting in front of the television for nine hours a day.  I say this for not only children, teenagers, and adults.  I have seen more kids this day in age that whine, cry, and beg because they want the Ipad or even their parents phones. This new trend is almost ridiculous that kids 1-3 even know how to use these devices, when even I, at twenty two years old, still have issues working my phone or doing something on an Ipad. I believe that time on these devices need to be limited and the things watched on these devices also need to be controlled.

People need to be aware of the programs that they are watching and be sure to keep their eyes open to the factual parts or if it is just word vomit being thrown out to make some television network look more important with the extra information or if it is just lies being thrown out.  As the public everyone needs to be aware of that.  It also kind of ties in the trust in media.

I believe that media overload is a real thing and people often do not realize they are even binge watching hours and hours until it is already over.  People need to stop watching these pointless programs and really start paying attention to the news that is out there.


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  1. Good point about the exposure of screens to young children. What kind of effect do you think this early exposure might have on a child`s development?

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