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A person can do a lot of various things to try to become more sustainable and to lower their overall carbon footprint here on earth. I have always tried to use minimal resources by trying to conserve the amount of water and electricity I used. I would do this by simply taking short showers and turning off lights and many other things as well. However, lately I have taken on the challenge of going vegan. I have previously only been eating fish occasionally that I had caught here locally and that has been hard to give up. But I have been vegan for around two solid months and I feel great. I have been mainly eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, and pastas. Going vegan actually lowers your carbon footprint greatly and can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. This is because it takes a great amount of resources to produce just one pound of meat. Hundreds of gallons of water are used to feed the animal and to also water the food that the animal eats. So every part of the process of raising livestock uses a great deal of water and land to raise the animals. Therefore, eating no meat lowers your carbon footprint and helps the environment greatly. I could only imagine what would happen if the whole world lived off a plant based diet. A lot of land would be freed up and a lot less water would be used here on earth. Also, the amount of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from livestock would be lowered and climate change may be slowed down tremendously. I would encourage people to go vegan not only because it helps the earth but also because it is very healthy for you and makes you feel amazing!

6 thoughts on “Go Vegan

  1. I’m so happy that you’re experiencing great results through this challenge, Kory! Avoiding meat products is one of the most important things one can do for both the environment and one’s health.

  2. I’ve been vegetarian for about a year and a half and vegan since the summer, and I am loving it too! It’s guilt free and I feel super healthy, I actually haven’t gotten sick since becoming vegetarian. Its such a great way to do your part for the environment. Never go back!

  3. I’ve been vegetarian for a couple of years and this summer I decided to go vegan, despite backlash from my parents thinking my choice was a “fad” and it was “unhealthy” I have been living plant based and I have been loving it. I think people have to break through the stigma of being a “vegan” and break stereotypes and the general population will realize its not such a drastic or crazy thing to do!

  4. As someone who eats a ton of meat, I am not sure how easy it would be for me if I decided to take a step like that (even a temporary one). However, it would be interesting to give it an honest shot ( maybe a week?) just to see how I would feel by the end of it. Would probably have to find a meat substitute though!

    • That’s a good idea! There’s also a movement called “Meatless Mondays” if you want to try just a day to start off. Every now and then I’ll indulge in some “happy” meat, but over time you realize you don’t crave it anymore.

  5. It feels amazing to not only make choices that make you as an individual healthier, but also benefit the planet. Sometimes we don’t feel important and get lost in society, but being a vegetarian (not quite vegan but I’m working on it) has been something that I’ve been so proud to identify with and I feel like it really matters.

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